My name is Andy Mahoney, and I’m an amateur cheese-maker previously based in Dulwich, South East London, and now in Berkhamsted.

With the permission of the wonderful @heatherrhian, the spare room in our small, two bedroomed house has been converted into a cheese den, where I perform all my cheese-making experiments.

I make all different kinds of cheese, and love to try and invent new ones!

Please feel free to get in touch at andymahoney@gmail.com, or leave a comment below.

32 thoughts on “About”

  1. I wish you Happy New Year and a Cheesy 2010

    great to see your passion! I feel common intrests but how???
    let us defend the rawmilkcheeses…
    have a good, slow day,
    be welcome in Tilburg for reflection and??

  2. You need anything for cheesemaking? Contact us for ingredients and equipment. When you take your cheesemaking to new levels, check us for a little vat, curd knive, rennet etc. Regards, Jaap

  3. handyface said:

    Thanks for the comments! I may get in touch soon as I keep wanting to make larger quantities, especially cheddars.

    Where are you based? I grew up near Den Haag, and go back to Holland regularly.

  4. Hi,
    How wonderful to find you using the milk from the Guernsey herd that I have been milking for the last 15 months.Did you try the cream and yoghurt?

    If you have the time try and come and visit the farm in Somerset.


    Digby Gribble

  5. So impressed with the amount and the variety of cheeses you’re home-making. Excellent stuff.

    (I know it’s cheating – ‘cos I’ve left a comment – but I might have to do a little dance as well.)

  6. Hello,

    My name is Tim, I am the head chef of a private dining restaurant in London.

    I have just recently started to experiment with yoghurt, and cheese making, and feel that I have begun a very long journey,

    I wonder if you would like to try a few things out in my kitchen, I have a large basement kitchen at my disposal, with a large walk in fridge too,

    many thanks


  7. What a wonderful resource for home cheese makers, hope you don’t mind being added to my blogroll?

    My own food interests are charcuterie based! I would be happy if you had a chance to look at my meagre efforts, and let me have your comments.


  8. Tim – sounds very exciting! Would love to come and have a look around, will drop you a mail.

    Richard – link away! Enjoying your blog already – the sausage / salami making looks incredible!

  9. Hi there

    This is a great site – can I link to you from my site?


  10. Of course, feel free!

  11. Hey!
    I was told about the article last night and managed to track it down. I have been making my own cheese in London so its great to see more of us urban cheese makers. I still have a lot to learn and sourcing good raw milk is proving to be hard. If you ever buy in a large quantity Id be more than happy to split the costs? I buy at chapel street farmers market in Islington but its quiet expensive..

    Id love to catch up for a chat some time so feel free to email, keep up the great work 😉


    • Hi Steve,
      David Paull from Olive Farm, Babcary will be at Islington tomorrow (6thFeb). He is the only Guernsey producer still able to sell his milk as “Green Top” ie unpasteurised. His Guernsey herd and milk products are subjected to extra testing on a regular basis by Trading Standards et al, but so far he has managed to stay free from bovine TB.
      The cows were still out at grass in November and with

    • AMAZING! I am so pleased to find another urban cheese maker! I will drop you a mail once after I’ve read through your ace blog! Good work!

  12. Hello!
    Love your site, and clear instructions. you make it look so easy!
    I would love to chat further about what you do.. Do you have an email that I can contact you on?

  13. Hi,

    I have a tiny smokery in Greenwich in my back yard. I have recently being experimenting with smoking cheese using. Apple wood is great. It produces amazing results, so different from shop bought. Would love to smoke some London cheeses. Chris littlegreenwichsmokery@hotmail.co.UK

  14. Or if anyone has interesting London made artisan products they would liked to be smoked

  15. Wow Chris that sounds ace! I would love to smoke some of my white goat cheeses – will get in touch!

  16. Hi Handyface,

    Do you ever sell your products to the cheese-loving public? We’d love to have you at the Manchester Food & Drink Festival…



  17. Hi Megan! I don’t produce enough quantity to sell to the public unfortunately, but thanks for the offer!

  18. Hi Handyface – Alanna here. Thanks for dropping past my blog and it’s great to find yours. I have often wondered why there are so few UK urban cheesemaking blogs, maybe I just haven’t found them yet. Where do you get most of your milk from?


  19. I get most of my milk from Ellie’s Dairy:


    There’s a shop down the road from me that sells it which is quite useful.

    There are a few online places that deliver raw milk too!

    • Thanks. I sometimes get raw milk at Brixton farmers markets (there is often buffalo milk) but that means waiting until a Sunday. I been wanting to make more goats milk cheese, so will check out Ellie’s

  20. Hi Andy, awesome blog! I look forward to following your cheese making adventures as I am just starting out with mine. I have a long way to go yet though…

  21. Hi, just a quick word about our on line shop for cheese moulds. We manufacture and supply plastic cheese moulds to the home cheese maker and the commercial cheese makers as well. Our port folio ranges from Dutch style moulds (Gouda, Edam) to French (Tomme etc.), to Spanish (Manchego) to soft cheese moulds in different sizes and shapes.
    For more info please visit http://www.cheesemakers-choice.com for more cheese mould browsing! Happy cheese making! Stephan

  22. Cheese den?! Awesome.

  23. Ruby Rhod said:

    Awesome Blog. Very keen to learn the process for a good strong hard veiny cheese. Do you have any tips?

    • S Bishop said:

      Mr Rhod, I can send you a picture of mine – it never comes out especially hard however. I wonder if Andy could show you his?

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