Having a 7 month old who has just figured out how to crawl doesn’t leave a whole heap of time to monitor your cheese.

According to the time stamp of this photo, I made cheese on the 2nd of April.

23rd of April and I was still actively washing the cheese in Riser bitter from my (very) local, The Rising Sun in Berkhamsted, made just up the road by Tring Brewery.

It’s now 16th July, a good 3 months since I made the cheese.  I happened to head into the summer house / cheese room / dumping ground for non child friendly furniture, and caught a whiff of something deep and meaty.  Opening the cheese fridge I was confronted by 6 pungent forgotten cheeses! 

Out of curiosity I opened them up one by one, and found them perfectly soft in the middle, nicely textured, and most importantly a strong, boozy flavour with a hint of caramel!

Now a fridge which had previously been overrun with expressed milk and baby friendly food is full of smelly feet cheese. Hurray!