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  • 3.5 litres unpasteurised goat’s milk
  • 1.25ml vegetarian rennet

Heat milk to 32C, add previously diluted rennet and stir well.

Allow curd to set (should take 45-60 minutes), then cut into 2cm cubes.

Gently heat curd over the course of around 25 minutes to 40C, stirring by hand.

Drain the curd in cheesecloth, keeping the whey for later.

Leave the curd to consolidate into a single mass, adding a small amount (2-3kg) of weight to squeeze out the last of the whey.

Once  whey is no longer draining from the curd, cut into centimetre thick slices.

Bring the whey to boiling point, and and add the sliced curd.

After about 30-40 minutes the curd should start to float.

Leave the curd floating for 20 minutes, then remove and place on a draining rack, sprinkling on some salt once cool.

Ready to eat immediately, but best left in 30% brine solution overnight.


  • Really quick and easy to make
  • Fantastic taste, especially grilled
  • No photos this time, as it was made while having a few drinks with a mate!